Edificio Luminor web

Iglesia Pl. Castella

Anunci Forcadell Luminor web


Dtox is located at the Luminor building.

The Luminor building was designed by the architects Josep Soteras and José Antonio Coderch. It was built between 1953 and 1955 in order to revitalize Barcelona’s old quarter.  The city council planned the Plaza Castella to solve the lack of open spaces in the area, and here is where the Luminor is located. The building doesn’t go unnoticed to passers-by. It has an “L” shape. The style could be considered as industrial with a certain outdated and worn-out charming look.

Dtox has taken advantage of/has made good use of this unique location/site in Calle Tallers to create an open, industrial-like atmosphere, yet warm and luminous/bright/light. A remarkable location for a singular hair salon.

More info in the city’s arquitecture guide book and in this blog


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